A publication dedicated to all independent artists from all over the world.
Designed as a free tool to promote visual art in all its forms and to celebrate the most innovative and visionary ideas.
Finally, a magazine with no frills, just what is necessary in a clean and elegant layout to present your work in a serious and selected
collection made by the staff of Carneviola Art Gallery.

What each volume contains:

Simpleness is the key to success!
This is why we have chosen a neutral layout in order to make each proposal we include in the catalogue stand out as much as possible.
Each artist will have a dedicated bio page, a paragraph in which to insert their contact details and a page with full size photos.
Each issue will include different artists and works in a heterogeneous manner.
The cover image will be selected by the public through a voting system on our social channels.
The selections for each volume will close once the maximum number of candidates for the availability of inside pages has been reached.

Who is THE MILLENIUM BOOK aimed at?

We will disseminate each collection at events such as: exhibitions, fairs, partners, collectors, institutions and sympathizers of the art world.
The initiative is aimed at emerging independent artists worldwide.

How to get a copy of THE MILLENIUM BOOK :

We will place the catalogue in our online shop, simply click on the edition you are interested in, enter the number of copies and proceed to purchase.
Each number will be printed in a limited edition and available while stocks last.



Upload your best image, and if you will be selected, we’ll ask you to send us a short biography for inclusion on your page in The Millenium Book.

Note: The image must be a frontal view of a whole artwork  without a frame or environment.Blurred, low quality or unsuitable content will not be considered for publication. For the Video Art and Performance categories, simply upload the photo that best represents the work according to the author.