Bando Contest FOM EN



DEADLINE 2021.22.05

Rules & Conditions

This Art contest is open to any artist of any age and country.

The works can be created with physical or digital media
(Just be sure it’s an original artwork – if digital – painting on an ipad counts, photos with filters applied don’t count)

Registration cost is 10€ per submitted opera

You can enter a maximum of 3 artworks

You can participate with works that have won prizes in art competitions in other exhibitions

You can insert works already sold

You can present the same painting in different editions.
(Exception, see next point)

If your work wins a prize in our contest, it will not be able to win in the following edition.

ALL entries (not just the winners) will be displayed on this website. Each entry becomes part of the public catalogue, history of the online competition and will not be removed later.

There is no size restriction.

No restrictions on the topic.

You can upload any image size you wish to share.
(We suggest a minimum of 600 pixels on the longest side so that the judge has sufficient resolution to discern the details)

A juror will select the winners.

The works will be judged according to the following criteria:Theme,Technique,Materials,Actuality,Color,Emotional Involvement.

Your work must represent your original concept and not a copy of someone else’s copyrighted material.
(If your image infringes the copyright of another will be disqualified)

You can only present the works of art that you have personally created.
(we reserve the right to request proof that it is an original work of art created exclusively by you… if it is not, your entry will be disqualified).

After an artist has won, that artist cannot be awarded a prize for the next edition of the contest.

You will not have to physically supply the painting, so don’t worry about having to send it in.

Works of art can be submitted until midnight, central time on the last day of the contest.
(No artwork will be accepted after the deadline).

All mailings must be made through this website, no e-mail and/or physical mailings can be accepted.

The decision of the jury and the judge is final.

By participating in this art contest, you grant us a non-exclusive and perpetual license to reproduce images of your artwork.
(on this website and in our newsletters… with credits and links to you, of course).

Each participant must be at least 18 years old to be eligible.

By participating in the contest, you agree to respect all the rules.

The start and end dates of the contest are listed on the main post of this contest on this website.

Prize winners will be announced and listed on this site on the 20th of the following month.

If we are unable to communicate with the announced judge and obtain the results of his or her evaluation, we will appoint a substitute judge.


The winner will win a personal online exhibition on a dedicated page on this site permanently.
A monographic printed catalogue published worldwide by Carneviola Edizioni with ISBN code.
A free printed copy of the catalogue.
A personal physical exhibition for 3 months at Carneviola Art Gallery.
Public relations with one of our affiliated galleries in Italy.


We believe in respect for fellow artists and the works of art of others – therefore, you may not criticize, make derogatory or otherwise inappropriate comments anywhere on Carneviola or in any other public forum on any other artist or in the competition. This will result in the disqualification of your art from the competition, along with the closure of your account.

NOTE: for the video art category candidates will have to send a download link in the description without uploading any files.
It will be allowed for this category the upload of only one cover image for video presented in jpg format.


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